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Mother Nature's Gift

We are an organization dedicated to eliminating the stigmatization of periods by supplying students with the support and supplies they deserve.

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Hygiene is important to everyone. Items like soap, water, and toilet paper are available in almost any bathroom for anyone who needs it. Menstrual supplies, however, are not easily accessible or government-mandated. Not having access to period supplies, especially within a school setting, can lead students to feel shame and disgust with their bodies. 

By giving these necessary products within and outside of school, we can then create a foundation of support showing students that their community supports and cares for them. 

Mother Nature's Gift wants to encourage a positive environment for growth, regardless of the uncontrollable circumstances for any individual with a period. 

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How Does This Happen?

We supply school nurse offices with handsewn, cloth bags containing a week's worth of period supplies for any student who requests menstrual products. 

Our bags include regular pads, liners, overnight pads, and flushable wipes, with a positive note as well. The students are able to use this same bag to simply pick-up more supplies and refill monthly. 

A "Mother Nature's Gift" Bag!

A "Mother Nature's Gift" Bag
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Furman Creative Collaborative

Innovation Hour at Furman University

"Trapp, ... giving middle school girls a week’s supply of menstrual supplies and informational materials in a handmade bag after observing peers who grew up in environments where menstruation wasn’t openly discussed" 

Ron Wagner


First Annual Paladin Pitch Competition

Click here to view the pitch video!

"I had to take a concept that I knew inside and out and mold it into something that would actively engage others who had never shared my experiences. I found that this skill is essential for my experiences in the real world"


Peace First COVID Relief

We have supplied both masks and menstrual products to those in need within our community.

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Do you want to share YOUR story?

Do you have an experience you want to share about your period? By telling us, you will have the opportunity to have your story be part of a collective that will help further our cause.

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Happy Young Girls

Mother Nature's Gift is an organization that relies on the support of the community.

For the price of a cup of coffee, you can provide enough menstrual supplies for a menstruator to get through a month of their period. 

Give using our Venmo: @mnaturesgift or Paypal below:

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